Down is considered the best thermal insulation thanks to its extremely light and compressible heat and weight retention ratio.

Our white duck down is of the highest quality 90/10 with standard fill power of 700 US.

This garment keeps you warm thanks to its feather filling, which has the ability to maintain (and heat) the air, keeping the warmth through your body.


The best of the best in synthetic insulation

PrimaLoft is the ultimate microfiber insulator, incredibly water resistant, quick-drying, lightweight and with a high heat-to-weight ratio.

Primaloft absorbs less moisture from the beginning, so it stays drier and warmer thanks to its hydrophobic properties. And, if it never gets to be in humid conditions, it is + 24% warmer than other insulators.

It gives you all the warmth you need with little weight and can easily be stored in small places.


High performance insulation to challenge the elements.

PrimaLoft Silver is a microfiber insulation with an incredibly light weight, soft to the touch and water resistant. The hydrophobic properties absorb less body moisture, the breathability stimulates the passage and keeps you drier and hotter. It gives you all the warmth you need with little weight and can easily be stored in small places.


The original synthetic insulation, fine, light and warm.

3M ™ Thinsulate ™ insulation is warm but light-weighted, powerful and thin. It helps trapping body heat, while allowing moisture to escape.

3M ™ Thinsulate ™ insulation was invented to make life more pleasant in every season. Since then, we have eliminated the limits and the volume that avoids the exterior’s strength and vitality.


It is a wool fleece made of long, straight or light fibers, which is strong and soft. Through the Oxy-wash special treatment, the scales of the wool are removed without damaging the fibre’s structure. Thanks to this ecological process, the fiber of fine mountain sheep’s wool, becomes soft, hygroscopic and breathable. Chlorine free


Our proactive isolation.

TS-Tech Padding is our high performance technical boata.

Constructed with thin thermo-adhesive microfibers, processed using advanced technology, which allows a low volume material’s creation, which has unique properties of thermal insulation and very soft to the touch.

And thanks to its breathability, you’re always dry and warm