Entrant Dermizax Lamination, is a microporous membrane that offers superior impermeability, high breathability and elasticity. It is a pioneer in this technology

ENTRANT ™ features a microporous structure to block rain water and at the same time allows moisture to escape, making it a pioneer in breathable waterproof materials.

The hydrophobic lamination keeps it dry and comfortable with its superior levels of moisture permeability and low condensation.

Impermeability: 20,000 mm H2O

Breathability: 18,000 g / m2 – 24h


XT- PREMIUM is our best membrane, with maximum impermeability, wind stopper performance, maximum moisture breathability and low condensation.

Impermeability: 30,000 mm H2O

Breathability: 30,000 g / m2 – 24h

Advanced treatments make our fabrics to improve in extreme performance, waterproof, wind stopper and high breathability. The high membrane with a specific technical coating, provides an efficient moisture absorption control and low condensation in perfect balance.


XT-4 WAY STRETCH is a supreme membrane with the highest levels of elasticity in all directions, impermeability, wind stopper and efficiency, providing moisture evacuation and low condensation.

Impermeability: 20,000 mm H2O

Breathability: 20,000 g / m2 – 24h

The 4WAY Stretch Tsunami membrane is an expandable fabric, so that you can feel more comfortable and flexible during activity. It uses the molecular movement of polymer to efficiently expel the steam of perspiration and disperses it throughout the tissue. When the temperature and humidity in the interior increases sufficiently, the steam molecules caused by perspiration, are forced out through the hydrophilic areas of the membrane.


3 Layer is a technical membrane with high levels of impermeability, wind stopper performance and excellent moisture evacuation and low condensation.

Impermeability: 20,000 mm H2O

Breathability: 20,000 g / m2 – 24h


SCHOELLER® WB 400 Soft Shell is freedom of movement in all climates. Because Schoeller’s WB 400 fabric offers maximum elasticity, comfort and protection for all types of weather contitions. The ideal combination of high-tech fibers, with Lycra® on the outside, allows better and easier movement. While the built-in acrylic coating prevents snow, rain and wind, the cozy interior touches the skin with a pleasant soft and warm fabric. You can expect more from Schoeller ® WB-400: permanent stretching, shape retention, resistant to snow, wind and rain, water and dirt repellent, greater comfort of use, active breathing and easy care.


Created from the new generation of Japanese technology, durable and at the same time, soft and light. Extremely breathable and resistant, thanks to its mini ripstop structure.

Impermeability: 20,000 mm H2O

Breathability: 15,000 g / m2 – 24h